Vegetable processing equipment




Production line

Production line


Onion peeler USM-S100

Onions are picked and singulated automatically. The positioning is done by hand. The onion peeling capacity is 100 onions per minute.

  • perfect peeling quality
  • complete dry peeling
  • low noise level
  • high yield (little waste)
  • hygienic design (easy to clean and disinfect)
  • low energy and air consumption


As a vegetable producer or processor, you naturally want to make a difference in the market – just like us. This is possible with a machine that enables you to offer real added value to your customers. Being a specialist in vegetable-processing equipment, Sormac is happy to help you take that one step further. Only the best machines are good enough to delivery top-quality products.

Developing and manufacturing equipment for processing vegetables is our core business. Whether you are processing potatoes, carrots, onions or lettuce: we supply both high-quality machines and complete processing lines. Hygiene, precision and a long service life are the basis for all our machines.

In addition to our technical qualities, we like to share our knowledge and offer you a customised advice. Based on your specific requirements of your end product, together we will determine which machine fits best in your company.

It goes without saying that Sormac ensures quick delivery and precise installation. For service and other questions you may of course also count on our expert field service engineers. They are always at your service, exactly as may be expected from a reliable partner.