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Block grader WBS

The Sormac block grader type WBS is designed for accurate high capacity grading of elongated products such as carrots etc.

The grading installation can be comprised of several individual units and be easily extended to accommodate extra grading sizes. Each grading unit is a single grade and can be steplessly adjusted between 10 mm – 90 mm (0,4″ – 3.54″).

The principal of grading is to remove the largest graded product first with each further grading block reducing to the next required size.

This system allows very accurate grading at high capacity with minimal damage. Unsorted product is transferred to the next grading unit by internal flighted transfer elevators which deliver gently to the next grading unit.

All accurately graded product is transported away from the installation by cross conveyor belts.

Product specification

The block grader WBS is suitable for grading on thickness long-shaped products, like carrots in a width of 10 to 90 mm (0,4” – 3,54”).


The capacity is dependent on the thickness of the product to grade. Capacities up to 25 ton/hour (55,000 lbs/hr) are possible.


• very robust and simple construction
• big capacities possible
• large grading accuracy
• all grading sizes independent of each other stepless adjustable
• almost every grading size possible


• outfeed belts for graded product
• extra grading blocks

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