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Pre-soaking tank VB

The pre-soaking tank VB-20 consists of a rectangular storage tank equipped with an air injection system in the bottom and sidewalls.

The air injection system which has a peristaltic action delivers the air from a special power ventilator. The product is advanced forward by a combined movement of the water and injected air. This action achieves a level of pre-cleaning previously unattainable with conventional systems. The pre-cleaned product is extracted out of the water by a rod conveyor which is built into the end of the tank.

The variable frequency control of the air is fully adjustable and helps to maintain full control of the dwell time of the product. The high capacity of the air which is introduced into the water keeps the product buoyant and in motion allowing time for the soil particles to be soaked off the product. The suspended soil particles are then free to sink to the bottom of the tank and be removed by means of an adjustable valve. 

Product specification

The pre-soaking tank VB-20 is suitable for cleaning products such as potatoes, celeriac, red beets, carrots etc.


The capacity depends on the product size and the soil contained within the product to be processed max. 15 tons/hour (33,000 lbs/hr).


• no product damaging
• simple and effective
• shelf life extension
• extremely durable, hard-wearing and reliable
• ease of access


• circulation pump

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