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Roller grader WRS

The Sormac roller grader type WRS is made for diameter grading long-shaped products. A double chain driven roller system transports the carrots through the machine. The distance between the rollers of both systems is fully adjustable and extremely easy to set.

The roller grader is a heavy duty construction in stainless steel and can be customer specified to individual grade and capacity requirements (3, 4, 5 or 6 metres) and includes variable speed control.

The roller grader can be supplied in two grading ranges. The speed is adjustable by means of a variator motor.

The graded product can be delivered out of the machine by conveyor belts.

Product specification

The roller grader WRS is suitable for diameter grading long-shaped products, e.g. carrots, parsnips, red beet etc. between a range of 12 to 97 mm (0,47” – 3,82”).


The capacity is dependent on the average size of the product to grade in combination with the length of the grader and the desired number of grades. Capacities up to 15 ton/hour are possible (33,000 lbs/hr).


• heavy duty in stainless steel 304
• variable speed
• easy grade adjustment


• infeed controlled delivery belt
• outfeed belts for graded product

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