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Vibratory grader VLS

The Sormac vibratory grader is designed to length-grade long-shaped products like cucumbers, carrots and carrot pieces.

The product is put on the infeed side on the infeed plate and divides itself over the whole width into a number of V-slots. Whilst passing the grading valve, the undersize falls in boxes or onto an outfeed belt. The width of the valve is adjustable.

Depending on product, required capacity and the desired grading the machine is executed with several options like one or more grading decks, an infeed valve and more grading valves.

The vibratory grader is completely executed out of stainless steel except for the motors and vibrating elements.


The capacity can be settled in consultation with the customer and is normally between 2 and 30 tons per hour 94,400 – 66,000 lbs/hr).

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