About us

Leading in vegetable-processing equipment

For over a hundred years, Sormac has been the leading specialist in developing and manufacturing machines and complete processing lines for the vegetable-processing industry. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in mechanical engineering and technology related to the agricultural sector. This one of the reasons why Sormac is one of the world’s leading companies in vegetable-processing equipment.

Small details, big difference!

Quality and reliability are part of our DNA: Sormac supplies machines that have been developed to perfection and really add value to the products of our customers.
Operational reliability and a long service life are also important distinctive values. And last but not least: we are principally guided by market development and our customers’ wishes and needs.

Global expansion

Sormac is based in Venlo, in the geographical centre of the European horticultural sector. Our plant is located here, but Venlo is also the location of our sales and service teams. Sormac’s ambitions and activities are not limited to Venlo, the Netherlands and Europe: the world is our playing field!

Since May 2003, Sormac has been owned by Bert Haffmans, former owner of Haffmans B.V., a company with a strong position in the global beverage industry. Together with Roy Lemmen (Commercial Director), Roel van Essen (Finance Director) and Ruud Schreurs (Technical Director) he is responsible for the day-to-day management of Sormac.