Vegetable processing equipment



This removes excess water from products to be processed. Sormac supplies various centrifuges, meeting the wishes and requirements of specific product groups.

Peeling (knife)

The skins of products are removed using knifes or by means of air. This ensures a nice and smooth surface, increasing the shelf life of, for example, potatoes and better preserving their colour. Sormac supplies several peeling machines, with various working principles and for specific products.


Cutting a product into slices, wedges or pieces is often a crucial step in the processing of fruit and vegetables. Sormac has a range of cutting machines, for cutting a wide range of products.

Thermal drying

Removing adhering water and moisture by means of hot and/or cold air circulation. Sormac specialises in thermal drying of delicate leafy vegetables and has developed several machines for this.


Removing dirt by means of water, in order to obtain a clean and hygienic product. Sormac supplies several types of washers, equipped with different washing systems.


After washing products, there is water on the products. Before a product is packed, adhering water is removed by means of vibration, air circulation and/or reduced pressure.


Grouping a product flow based on length, diameter, shape and quality. Sormac has a wide range of  grading machines, with various working principles and applications.


The processed product is checked for any imperfections or defects. Sormac has developed, among other things, a special inspection table for checking onions.

Peeling (abrasive)

Scraping of especially tuberous products, like potatoes, carrots, kohlrabi, beetroot, celery, etc. Sormac’s range includes scraping machines with different working principles, for continuously and uniformly scraping large quantities of products.


Making the product surface smooth and shiny, for example for potatoes and tubers. Sormac supplies various polishing lines, specifically intended for these products.


During the processing process, fruit and vegetables regularly need to be transported from A to B. Sormac has a range of transport systems for this.


This mechanically removes the tip or head of products like carrots by means of knives. Sormac has several machines for topping carrots.


During the processing process, products sometimes need to be stored temporarily, for example buffering potatoes after peeling. Sormac supplies 'buffering solutions' for various types of products.


To provide products with the optimal shelf life, they need to be packed and/or stored at a specific temperature. Sormac’s range includes machines specially developed to bring products to the storage temperature within a short time.


The core or the seed is mechanically removed from a product. Sormac's range includes several machines which can, for example, cut out or suck out the core or the seed.


As the name suggests, destoners remove stones, root balls, soil and clay lumps. Sormac's range includes several types of destoners, each with its own specific use.


Products are supplied in the desired quantity, so that machines later in the production process may be filled in the right manner and as desired. Sormac supplies dosing machines, each with its own specifications.


Various types of fruit or vegetables are mixed with one another, and often herbs are added as well. Sormac offers several options for creating the right mixture.


A product is prepared for further processing. For example, with lettuce, the hard core needs to be removed. Sormac has developed various machines in this range.

Product treatment

Sometimes processing vegetables requires a special treatment. For example, products like potatoes or carrots need to be immersed in water for a certain time. Sormac has developed various machines for these specific treatments, and customises them if desired.


A product is cut into several pieces, all having the same dimensions and the same weight. To make products that are too large smaller for further processing. For each product with its associated specifications Sormac has a customised machine.


Natural products never all have the same shape and dimensions. To separate, for example, smaller products from larger products, Sormac’s range includes various machines.


For the correct filling of a machine, products sometimes need to be supplied in a specific direction or order. Sormac’s range includes some machines for this purpose.


Products may be supplied to a machine or line in various manners. To ensure that machines are being fed in the right manner, Sormac supplies machines which feed in products in the right quantity and at the right speed.

Waste processing

Mechanical processing of fruit and vegetables often produces green waste – for example peels, tips or heads of products. Special machines discharge this waste.


Before a fresh product can be packed, it needs to be weighed first. Sormac has various weighing machines, ensuring that always a same quantity of the product can be packed.