Automatic carrot peeler

Sormac is a company that develops and produces machines for peeling and processing various kinds of vegetables. Our vegetable processing equipment solutions include carrot processing equipment like the famous automatic carrot peeler, potato processing equipment and onion peelers. In our assortment, we offer complete lines for processing carrots. Destoning, topping and tailing, peeling and cutting: for every part of the process we have machinery that can be dedicated to your specific need.

Sormac’s automatic carrot peeler type WOA-3/4

We have a thorough knowledge of the processing of carrots with carrot processing equipment, like the carrot peeler and carrot topper and cutters. Our engineers are specialised in developing machinery for the vegetable processing industry. With Sormac’s carrot processing equipment, you can rest assured because we produce equipment that meets the highest standards in quality, hygiene, operation comfort and cost control.

WOA-3/4 fully automatic carrot peeler (topper and piece cutter)

The automatic carrot topper WOA-3/4 is a heavy-duty, industrial machine (3-or 4 lanes) that is suitable for cutting under the most extreme conditions. It tops and tails carrots automatically and cuts them – if needed – into 2-4-6” (50-100-150mm) pieces. The WOA-3/4 in equipped with static knives, as rotating knives give more product loss and cause more soiling in the machine. SORMAC’s carrot cutter ensures cut carrots with an attractive smooth and straight cut surface.
The automatic carrot peeler (cutter and topper) WOA-3/4 can be placed on the floor, where outfeed elevator conveyors are used. It’s also possible to integrate the machine into a processing line by placing it on a platform. This machine has already proven its worthiness at huge numbers of carrot processing plants all over the world.

These SORMAC carrot cutting machines can be used as a stand-alone or can be integrated into complete processing lines.

Are you interested in the automatic carrot peeler type WOA-3/4? Please contact us for more information. We will gladly offer you professional advice to find the best solution for your specific needs.

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