Carrot processing equipment

Carrot processing equipment and carrot peeler

Sormac is a company that develops and produces machines for peeling and processing various kinds of vegetables. Our vegetable processing equipment solutions include carrot processing equipment like a famous carrot peeler, potato processing equipment and onion peelers. In our assortment, we offer complete lines for processing carrots. Destoning, topping and tailing, peeling and cutting: for every part of the process we have machinery that can be dedicated to your specific need.

Sormac’s carrot processing equipment

We have thorough knowledge of the processing of carrots with carrot processing equipment, like the carrot peeler and carrot topper and cutters. Our engineers are specialised in developing machinery for the vegetable processing industry. With Sormac’s carrot processing equipment, you can rest assured because we produce equipment that meets the highest standards in quality, hygiene, operation comfort and cost control.

Furthermore, Sormac has a clear mission: To tailor our range to the requirements, needs and expectations of the market. This is how Sormac creates solutions with added value for its customers. Sormac proudly introduces the latest carrot peeling machine: UP-8000.  A brief introduction to the big brother of the carrot peeler KP-60:

Carrot knife peeling, as the UP-8000 does; is a popular alternative to abrasive peeling with its emphasis on grating the carrots. This latest carrot processing machine has the advantage that it effortlessly and extremely flexibly follows the shape of the carrot. This flexibility allows accurate peeling of even irregularly shaped carrots. The UP-8000 carrot processing equipment guarantees continuity in the production flow and guarantees a reliable, very high net capacity compared to its predecessor.

Sormac is very proud of the latest carrot processing equipment, being the new carrot peeler UP-8000, which has the following specific features:
•   High capacity: 1,500 kg per hour
•   Not susceptible to interference;
•   Carrots do not need to be orientated;
•   Machine does not use compressed air;
•   Peeling waste percentage only 17% (depending on the weight of the carrot);
•   Dry peeling waste;
•   Smoothly peeled carrot looks attractive;
•   Low susceptibility to the white colouration of the carrot;
•   Low energy consumption.

Sormac’s aim, is the perfect customized solution, with a focus on the customer. Being able to respond directly to the specific need in the global market, this carrot processing equipment, the carrot knife peeler UP-8000 guarantees an optimal production process with a high net capacity.

Are you interested in carrot processing equipment? Please contact us for more information. We will gladly offer you professional advice to find the best solution for your specific needs.

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