Carrot washing machine

Sormac is the international specialist when it comes to the development and production of vegetable processing machinery like carrot washing machinery. Sormac’s product range mainly consists of potato processing machinery, carrot processing machinery (like carrot washing machines), onion peeling machines, leafy vegetable processing machinery (like vegetable washer and vegetable cutting machines), cucumber processing machinery and bell pepper processing machinery. Apart from stand-alone vegetable processing machines, Sormac supplies complete lines and technology for food processing, as well as reliable service worldwide by our skilled engineers. It is our goal to be of service to our customers as effectively as possible.

Quality carrot washing machine!

Reliability of vegetable processing machines, hygiene, precision and a long life span are typical of all Sormac vegetable processing machinery as a result of our market oriented development policy. Together with our customers we offer a solution to their demand. Our customers are progressive and modern companies, who would like to create a value-added product through quality vegetable processing machinery.

Reliable references

Sormac greatly values the opinions of its customers. Therefore, you will find some references about Sormac carrot washing machines below.

– Vegetable processing machinery for Vihannes-Laitila (FI)
– Vegetable processing machinery for Laarakker Groenteverwerking (NL)

Interview with a happy user of the Sormac carrot washing machine.

Maatschap Baetsen’s objective is clear: The daily harvesting of fresh carrots and celeriac. After mediation by growers’ association Fossa Eugenia; they are now supplying to satisfied customers such as Frankort & Koning and Van der Staay. Annually, approximately 20 hectares of carrots and approximately eight hectares of celeriac are grown. Recently, the modern field-grown vegetable company in Grubbenvorst, North-Limburg, has expanded substantially. The new hall is home to a new Sormac carrot washing line. Co-owner René Baetsen answers some questions about quality and service.

A new Sormac carrot washing line?

“We opted for a complete Sormac carrot washing line. It consists of a crate turner, infeed reception hopper, a transport belt, a carrot drum washer and a carrot brush polisher. Especially the carrot washer is a fine piece of innovation technology. The advantages are patently obvious: very little damage to our fresh produce thanks to a special drum shape. The adjustable outfeed heights are an absolute plus. The whole carrot washing machine is made of stainless steel and very robustly built. The whole line is perfect but that also applies to Sormac´s service. In the end, it was the good advice that determined the choice.”

What do you mean by good service?
“I can be very brief and clear about that. The reason Maatschap Baetsen opted for Sormac is twofold. In the first place, the quality of the carrot washing machines is excellent and very reliable. However, equally important at least is the service. Sormac thinks with you, thinks fast, gives good advice and ultimately all of that determined our definitive choice. In the event of a breakdown, standstill times are extremely short. Sormac aims to get the carrot processing machines operational again as soon as possible. In no time, production can restart and we are very satisfied about that. They fulfil their promises and that, of course, is also a quality feature. We firmly believe in that. The threefold quality guarantee used by all growers of VersePeen and growers´ association Fossa Eugenia links up with this perfectly.”


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