Onion peeler

As a top-of-the-line specialist in vegetable processing equipment, Sormac has developed several models of onion peelers. Below, you’ll find a brief description of our onion peeling machines.

Onion peeler USM-S60

Feats: manual feed and manual positioning
The USM-S60 onion peeler comes with a small storage bin in which the unpeeled onions are placed. The operator takes the onions out of this hopper and puts them one by one in the right horizontal position in the onion peeler. The peeling by this onion peeler is done automatically, at 60 onions per minute.

Onion peeler USM-S100

Feats: automatic feed and manual positioning
The USM-S100 onion peeler combines easy use with good reliability. The operator of this onion peeler has a rotating, mounted display panel with all of the important functionalities at their disposal. Peeling by this onion peeler is done at 100 onions per minute.

For detailed specifications on our onion peelers, please visit the product pages:

– Onion peeler USM-S60
– Onion peeler USM-S100 

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