Potato processing machinery

Sormac is an international specialist in the development and production of potato processing equipment. Apart from stand alone potato processing machinery, Sormac also produces complete lines and technology for food processing, as well as supplying reliable service worldwide through our skilled engineers. We aim to provide our customers with adequate help as effectively as possible.

Sormac potato processing machinery

Sormac solutions for vegetable processing mainly consist of potato processing machinery, carrot processing equipment, onion peeling machines, salad processing machine, cucumber processing equipment and bell pepper de-coring equipment. Reliability, hygiene, precision and a long lifespan are typical of all Sormac potato processing machinery as a result of our market oriented development policy.

Below, you’ll find a list of our potato processing machinery. Please click on the links for more details and product folders.

Potato processing machinery: Screw de-stoner SO 50/250-R, SO 50/250-C
Potato processing machinery: Carborundum roller peeler CRP
Potato processing machinery: Revolver peeler CRR-25/250

The Dutch potato processing equipment specialist SORMAC BV has become one of the leading suppliers for vegetable processing equipment in the world. One of the major disciplines of potato processing equipment is the peeling of potatoes.

Over 100 sold machines are proof of the quality of Sormac’s drum potato knife peeler. However, that was no reason for the Sormac engineers to rest on their laurels. Without detracting from the basic concept, they drastically changed a number of details of the drum:
– On two sides of the drum, the small cleaning panels were replaced with hinged panels across the length of the drum.
– All plastic parts are made of blue material.
– Only antibacterial plastic is used complying with the latest EU regulations.

The numerous users speak highly of the potato knife peeler due to its conveniently arranged and hygienic design and easy cleanability. The new measures will further improve this. Access is increased and the knives can be exchanged more easily.

The results of a poll among 25 users of our peeler with the question why they would choose a Sormac machine again, say more than we could say ourselves:
– Lower energy consumption
– Only 3 motors for the whole machine
– Low noise levels
– Long knife life
– Constant speed of the knives in comparison with wing-knives

All elements that make the Sormac potato peeler unbeatable, but of course not only the potato peeler but all potato processing equipment from Sormac!


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