Sormac onion peelers

Onion peelers of Sormac vegetable processing equipment give a peeling result like no other onion peeling machine does. The unique air saving technique makes sure that the peelings of the processed onions are removed without the excessive use of electricity. The consumption of air is extremely low, and the onion peeler is very easy to clean.

Onion peelers – the solution

Reliability, hygiene, precision and a long life span are typical of all Sormac onion peelers as a result of the market-oriented development policy. In consultation with our customers, we offer a solution to their demand. Our customers are modern, progressive companies, who would like to create a value-added product. Our onion peelers can either be used as a stand alone machine or can be part of a complete onion processing line.

Onion peelers – saving money

The onion peelers by Sormac save you money. Our onion peelers are extremely simple to work with, even when the sizes of the onions vary, or when their quality is not optimal. The onion peeler machine is easy to handle and – with the use of new technology – low in power cost. Thus, not only your staff will be happy with our easy-to-use onion peelers.

Satisfied customers all over the world!

The onion peeling line we have chosen is renowned for its low noise levels, not more than 83dB(A), its ease of operation and, of course, its perfect peeling quality. The onion peelers are very environmentally and energy friendly, the latter adding up to substantial cost savings. This is especially due to the low compressed air usage (1.2 Nm³/min). In addition, it is worth mentioning that the machines are fast and easy to maintain and clean.”

Bert Haffmans is very pleased with the cooperation with so many customers all over the world: “At Sormac, too, we are only satisfied with the best result and with satisfied customers. For this reason, we continue to innovate permanently to maintain this high level. By updating the onion peelers continuously and making them operate in an increasingly modern, sustainable and economical way, product safety, quality and care for the environment can be safeguarded. This enables us, but certainly also our customers,  to maintain our advantage over the competition.”

An onion peeling line consists of e.g. an infeed reception hopper, a transport belt, USM-S100 onion peeler, inspection table type RLT/L6-200, automatic weighing machine type AFW/40 and a waste transport belt. This silent peeling line enables customers to supply perfect fresh onion products.

If you want more information on onion peelers by Sormac, please contact us directly.



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