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Automatic basket carousel BCA

The automatic basket carousel is positioned behind the vegetable washer, type SW-50. An operator manually positions the baskets on the carousel. With an automatic rotational movement, the baskets move to the next position. A mechanism will open the chute when the basket is positioned below the filling point at the outfeed of the washer. When the basket is filled with the required amount of product the chute will close and the carousel automatically rotates the full basket to the unloading position. The operator then removes the full basket and places a new empty basket onto the machine.

When there is an empty position on the machine, the carousel will automatically move to the next position occupied by a basket. During the rotational cycle of the baskets, the chute will close to temporarily collect the product until the new empty basket is in the filling position – this prevents the product from falling between the baskets and onto the floor.

The chute is operated without any additional controls and is activated only when an empty basket is in the correct position on the carousel and ready to accept the product from the washer outfeed.

The amount of product loaded into the basket can be easily controlled by a height sensor positioned on the filling position of the carousel.

The hygienic control panel is equipped with push buttons and integrated lights for easy operation.

To ensure maximum safety during operation, the machine has integrated torque protection that stops the machine if someone is standing in the rotational cycle of the carousel.

Product specification

The automatic basket carousel is suitable for diced vegetables and loose leafy greens. Maximum product dimensions are 150 x 150 mm.


The capacity of the machine is determined by the speed at which the previous machine can fill a basket with the set volume. The maximum batch size is 15 kg per basket.


• Blue baskets
• Fine-mesh basket for small products

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