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Belt washer BW

The belt washer type BW is made for washing of vegetables and fruit in small and medium-sized quantities. The product is loaded onto the interwoven mesh belt and transported through the tunnel. Inside the tunnel there are belt sprinklers / nozzles which are mounted underneath and above the belt, which produce an intensive washing action over the product.In the first section the product is thoroughly washed with recirculated water. In the second section the product is rinsed with fresh water.
Dwell times can be altered through a frequency controlled motor which can deliver parameters from 2 and 14 m/min (6- 42 ft/min).

The machine is almost completely manufactured of stainless steel and is fully mobile mounted on stainless steel castors. The water re-circulation tank and pump system can be easily accessed and
drained through a large inspection door.

Product specification

The belt washer is suitable for sanitising all vegetables and washing of carrots, celeriac and fruit.


The capacity is dependent on the type of product and the desired cleaning intensity.


• multi functional mobile washer
• full stainless steel construction and FDA approved parts
• variable belt speed to control washing
• easy access for sanitation control

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