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Carrot baton machine WSM

The semi-automatic carrot baton machine type WSM cuts batons in length and cross-section sizes according to customer’s specification.

The machine is very easy to operate. Carrots are manually fed into the receiving holes in the turret wheel. The carrot is aligned for topping and slicing by an alignment plate behind the turret wheel.

The turret wheel rotates at one hole every second, each hole containing one carrot. The carrot is topped, tailed and sliced into the set length. In the next step, the carrot is pressed through the grid to give a carrot baton of the desired cross-section size.

The turret wheel is available in different hole sizes and section sizes. The indexing holes can be 40 mm (1,57″), 50 mm (2″) or 60 mm (2,36″) in diameter, depending on the grade of carrots being used. The wheel sections are dependent on the required length of the baton. Wheels for 40, 50, 60 or 75 mm (1,57″ / 2″ / 2,36″ / 3″) are available.

Usually for carrot batons a 7.5 x 7.5 mm (0,3″ x 0,3″) or 10 x 10 mm (0,4″ x 0,4″) grid is used.

Various other options are available at request.

Product specification

The minimum and maximum diameter and length of the carrots are depending on the type of turret wheel which has been installed (hole diameter and baton length).


The maximum capacity is 3,600 carrots per hour.


• simple and robust construction
• several cutting grids available
• simple operation


• turret wheels with hole diameters: 40 mm (1,57”) or 60 mm (2,36”)
• wheel sections for baton length: 3 x 40 mm (1,57”), 3 x 50 mm (2”) or 2 x 60 mm (2,36”)
• different cutting grid sizes
• sliver remover to separate small eces from the batons

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