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CEA Harvester CH

The CEA Harvester is used to harvest product grown in the greenhouse. Gutters are fed to the machine by a conveyor, and perfectly aligned with the center of the cutting area. Two circular knives, slightly positioned above the gutter are also height adjustable, cutting the leaf from the stem. The leaves fall onto a collection conveyor, which brings them outside the machine onto a conveyor for
further processing. The gutter passes through the machine and collects from the other side. At the cutting area, a fan blows air from underneath, making sure that all the leaves stand up while being harvested. Doors, equipped with safety sensors, on each side of the machine allow for maintenance and cleaning.

Product specification

The harvester is suitable for processing all leafy green products that are grown in gutters, floaters, etc.


Capacity strongly depends on the throughput speed of the processing or packing line behind it.


• Automated process from cultivation to processing
• Gentle product handling without human interference
• Harvesting machine suitable for all processes (fl oaters, gutters, etc.)

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