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Diverging chain grader AS

The Sormac diverging chain grader type AS is used for diameter grading of elongated products with particular emphasis to the grading of cucumbers, and carrots. To date there are over 100 machines in regular daily use worldwide.

The operating principle of this grader is based on the number of chains which move at the same speed. The internal distance between the chains increases as the product is conveyed along the grader. The product which is positioned between the chains will pass through at the corresponding point relative to the products diameter. Rotating brushes and discs assist in aligning the product between the diverging chains.

The product collection area post grading is directly under the grading chains and is divided into sections which correspond to the grading sizes required. These size are adjustable within certain limits, so that the required grading sizes can be adjusted.

These overall grader sizes and hourly capacity are confirmed at ordering.

The product is discharged from the machine either by conveyor belts or directly into pallets/containers.

The Sormac diverging chain grader can be used for several purposes, like:

  • splitter: for pre-grading in 2 or 3 sizes
  • scalper: for grading the undersize
  • sample grader: for analysing samples.

The diverging belt graders are manufactured as single- or double bed machine with capacities from 1 ton up to 150 tons per hour. The grader is standard executed in mild painted steel or stainless steel for pickled or brined products.

Product specification

The Sormac diverging chain grader type AS processes products in diameters of 10 mm up to 65 mm (0,4” – 2,56”) and is mainly used for cucumbers and pickles.


The grader can be made for capacities from 1 ton/hour up to more than 150 tons/hour (2,200 – 330,000 lbs/hr).


• very robust construction
• more than 100 graders all over the world in operation
• adjustable grading sizes


• collection hoppers per grading
• outfeed belts per grading, eventually
• executed as an inspection belt
• electronic weighers
• execution in stainless steel
• platform

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