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Excenter waste pump EAP

The excenter waste pump is the ideal system to collect all peeled and process waste so that it can be centralized and pumped to a central collecting area.

The Sormac excenter waste pump has the option of being combined with a collecting hopper and filling control switch. The pump is direct drive by a motor gearbox. Peeled process waste is directed into the fishtail-shaped hopper or combined from additional process areas.

This waste should be screened to less than 30 mm otherwise it is necessary to provide a macerator.

The standard Sormac excenter pumps are specified for an outlet pump distance of 20 meters and a discharge height of 5 meters. Alternative pumps are available depending on the waste discharge volume.

Product specification

The excenter waste pump is suitable for processing peeling waste etc. of products like potatoes, carrots, celeriac. Pieces of these products can also be processed if they are smaller than 30 mm (1,18”). For larger pieces, e.g. whole potatoes, the pump must be equipped with an optional shredder.


The capacity is max. 5 m³ per hour. Bigger pumps can be delivered on request. The capacity has to fit the expected waste flow. The quantity of water should be taken into consideration which is eventually required with peeling.


• shredder for making smaller pieces bigger than 30 mm (1.18”)
• collection hopper

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