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Fruit washer FW

The fruit washer FW is made for cleaning and sanitising of fruit. All fruit with either positive or negative buoyancy can be processed. The product is assisted through the washer by the water stream in combination with the variable speed compartmental paddle system. This system is driven through two plastic chains mounted along the side of the washer with connecting spaced transverse paddles. The dwell time can be adjusted between 1.5 and 5 minutes. The paddles can also be demounted for free un-interrupted flow.
The modular conveyor belt mounted above the bottom of the tank allows the negative buoyancy products controlled transportation through the washer up to the discharge elevator. To assist the standard washing action there is a special air agitation system which intensifies the washing/cleaning result. The water is collected in a separate tank with pump and sieve, prior to the circulation.

Product specification

Floating and sinking products i.e. apples, peaches, plums, melons, etc. within the following dimensions minimum Ø 30 mm and maximal Ø 250 mm.


The capacity is dependent on the type of product, the dimensions and the desired dwell time.


• multifunctional
• intensive cleaning and sanitising action
• hygienic construction
• simple operation


• automatic fi lling and emptying
• rotating sieve on the other side
• outfeed chute in stainless steel

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