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Inspection table RLT-L

The Sormac inspection tables RLT-L consist of spiral-shaped transport rollers. These rollers are centrally driven and transport the product from the infeed point to the outfeed hopper. During transport, the product rotates so that visual inspection can take place of the whole product.

By means of the simple and open construction, all loose peel and other small waste can fall through the rollers onto a waste conveyor/crates.

Waste chutes are provided to deliver the peeling waste from inspection personnel, directly to the waste conveyor or crates. The inspection table RLT-L is especially suitable for onions and can be constructed directly on the Sormac onion peeler. Also, a combined waste belt before the inspection table and the onion peeler can be provided.

The inspection tables can be supplied with 6 or 9 rollers and with a roller length of 2.000 mm and 3.000 mm.

  • “The peeling line we have chosen is renowned for its low noise levels, its ease of operation and, of course, its perfect peeling quality."

  • Mr. Roland Schneider, Agrargesellschaft Herbsleben AG

Product specification

The inspection tables are specially used for onions, but can also process other root products with a min. Ø 30 mm and max. Ø 150 mm


• simple construction with less wearing parts
• open construction between rollers and waste chute
• easy to maintain


• frequency control
• executed as a standalone machine

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