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Mixing drum MT

The Sormac mixing drum has been designed to mix and homogenise vegetables and other produce. The produce should be fed into the mixing drum in the right proportions. If required, Sormac can supply dosing weighing belts specifically for this application.

The drum is suited for batch-wise and continuous mixing.

This is achieved by changing the rotational direction. In one direction, the product is mixed, in the other direction, the drum is emptied.

An in-feed belt is required to fill the drum.


Product specification

The mixing drum is suitable for all produce that can withstand the mechanical load involved in mixing. For instance, all the more robust varieties of leafy vegetables as well as hard vegetables such as, for example, cut carrots.


The mixing drum can be used for capacities ranging from several hundreds of kilos per hour to several tons. Different dimensions are also available for extremely large capacities.

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