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Potato halving machine DMC

Sormac potato positioning and halving system to divide into 2 pieces.

On the rollerbed the potatoes are lined up on to six parallel rows and transported to the cutting section. A set of 6 pieces rotating circular knives divide the potatoes in 2 pieces. The rollers are driven by a stainless steel chain which is fixed on both sides and connected to a frequency-controlled motor. For equal line up of the potatoes and an optimal filling of the position rollers, the machine is equipped with a vibration chute.

The machine is fitted on a frame and supports with adjustable legs. The casing for the drive and cutting sections has hinges. The side plates of the roller bed and the drive chain can be easily disassembled.

The electrical control panel is fixed to the body of the machine and provided with all switching and safety equipment, frequency controllers and operating buttons.


Approx. 72.000 potatoes per hour (theoretical 103.000 pieces per hour).


• long shelf life
• hygienic design
• simple operation
• durable, hard-wearing and reliable
• ease of access

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