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Roller grader RS

The roller grader is installed for grading out a pre-determined undersize small pieces from the product flow (e.g. potatoes and carrots).

The roller grader is equipped with 11 rollers with a diameter of 50 mm (2″) and a length of 1.650 mm (65″). The distance between the rollers can be adjusted continuously with a hand wheel between 10 to 35 mm (0,4″ – 1,38′). The adjustment for size variation alters along the full length of the rollers.

The rollers are preset at an angle creating a natural inclination which transports the product without fall towards the roller discharge end.

Product which is undersize to the preset grade falls through rollers and can be transported out of the machine or delivered directly into a hopper. 

Product specification

The roller grader is suitable for pre-grading to a base size removing all undersize product.


The capacity is dependent on the product. IRO 2.000 kg/hr. can be reached.


• continuous adjustment of the grading size
• grading size at infeed and outfeed independent of each other
• execution completely out off stainless steel


• variable grading sizes
• grading size at infeed and outfeed can be linked
• spraying system

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