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Roller inspection table RLT

The roller inspection table consists of a transport system with transport rollers provided with a grip profile. The transport rollers are fitted to heavy-duty plastic drive chains, which when driven create a rotating movement directly to the roller. The product is then rotated so that visual inspection can take place over all the products on the table. The transport rollers are easily exchangeable.

The roller inspection table can be placed after a processing machine. The processed product can be delivered onto the roller inspection table where it is inspected by the inspection personnel.

Waste/return chutes are provided along each side of the table to transport the categories of inspected products to either reprocessing or waste.

Roller inspection tables can be supplied in several of lengths, from 2,000 to 5,000 mm (79″ – 197″).

The speed regulation and waste belts can be supplied optionally.

Product specification

The roller inspection table RLT is used for several kinds of root products like potatoes, celeriac, red beets, onions, etc. Also, the RLT-60 can be used for inspecting carrots, cucumbers, gherkins, bell peppers, etc.


Sormac feature rollenleestafel RLT klaprol

Collapsible roll

Collapsible roll for continuously removing product remains between the transport rollers.

Stainless steel motor

Motor drive complete in stainless steel, splashproof (IP69k).

Hygienic machine design

Side plates can be removed easily and quickly for optimal cleaning.


• speed regulation with frequence convertor
• waste- and return belts
• infeed hopper

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