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Roller peeler CRP

The roller peeler is suitable for the continuous peeling of root products such as potatoes, carrots, kohlrabi, red beets, celeriac, etc. The machine is executed with 10 or 12 peeling rollers, each coated with carborundum, and a transport auger which moves the product to be peeled equally through the machine.

The number of peeling rollers and the kind of carborundum determines the capacity of the machine.

The peeling rollers are mounted side by side; the center two peeling rollers are located at the lowest position the other rollers are mounted in gradual increments following the shape around the transporting auger.

The peeling rollers are provided with a quick-release locator for simple de-mounting, and all rollers are driven by a timing pulley with different speeds, ensuring an optimum peeling result and a high capacity.

The side panel can optionally be provided with an opening for re-peeling.

A control panel can be supplied, which controls the number of revolutions of the peeling rollers and the transport auger can be adjusted (independent of each other). The desired peeling result can be adapted optimally to every type of product.


Product specification

The roller peeler is suitable for peeling potatoes, carrots, kohlrabi, red beets, celeriac with a product diameter of 6 to 200 mm.


The capacity of the CRP is determined by the size and quality of the product to be peeled, the number of rollers, the kind of carborundum on the rollers, and the desired peeling result. Approx. 2,500 – 8,000 kg per hour (raw product).


• peeling with or without water
• long shelf life peeling rollers
• quick mounting / de-mounting of the peeling rollers
• optimal use of the complete roller bed
• simple operation
• extremely durable, hard-wearing and reliable
• ease of access


• central lubrication system
• control panel on pedestal
• platform with ladder
• special outfeed for small products
• different types of waste funnels

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