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Separation conveyor SB

The Sormac separation conveyor consists of a frame and a chain belt with a special perforation allowing small parts to be separated from the product flow, mainly leafy vegetables. The conveyor is typically used before the washing stage to remove cotyledons, small stones, clay granules and insects.

To promote the separation of small parts, the chain belt runs over peeling beaters causing the belt to make a shaking movement, to allow parts lying between the leaves to fall through the belt.

The waste is collected in crates under the conveyor.

The special construction of the conveyor allows the product to be unloaded directly into a washer. The conveyor belt is continuously cleaned by an air knife.

Product specification

The separation conveyor is used for leafy vegetables.


• belt easily exchangeable
• long service life
• hygienic design (easy cleaning and disinfection) due to open pipe system
• extremely robust, wear-resistant and reliable


• longer version with multiple beaters
• outfeed belt for waste

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