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Sliver remover SR

The Sormac sliver remover is manufactured with a series of ribbed rollers with an adjustable distance between each roller. The roller bed is inclined to create an angle for optimal product transit. The produce flows crosswise over the rollers with a forward product speed dependent on the angle of the roller bed and the rotational speed of the rollers. The undersized product falls through the rollers aided by the external ribbing around the roller and the whole graded product passes forwarded.

The waste falling through the rollers is caught in a hopper and collected in a crate or waste conveyor under the machine.

The distance between the rollers is adjustable between 4 and 28mm by placing fixed pre-sized spacers between the axles of the rollers. The machine will be supplied with 3 sets of distant spacers. Sliver removers are used for removing small misshaped pieces out of parallel shaped cut root vegetables.

The machine is completely constructed of stainless steel. The roller rotational speed is controlled by a stainless steel drive motor. The angle of the roller bed can be adjusted to suit individual product types.

Product specification

The sliver remover is used for parallel shaped cut root vegetables.


The machine’s capacity depends on the width and the number of rollers within the machine and the tolerances required within the product specification. Capacities up to 3,000 kg per hour (6,600 lbs/hr) can be achieved subject to specification.


• simple construction
• speed, roller distance and angle of incline are fully adjustable
• complete stainless steel manufacture


• spacers for the required distance, available between 4 and 28 mm

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