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Spiral roller grader SRS

The Sormac spiral roller grader is used for grading peeled root products, particularly potatoes. The machine is equipped with a number of plastic rollers provided with a spiral-shaped groove. The depth and width of this groove increase towards the end of the roller. The groove is shaped in such a way that between each roller pair perfectly square openings of increasing size are formed.

Via an infeed hopper with V-channels, the product is transported to the machine.

It is important for the infeed to be distributed evenly across the width of the grader. The grooves in the rollers transport the product forward until the groove openings become so big that the potato falls through them. The required gradings are set by adjusting the separation plates underneath the machine 

Product specification

The spiral roller grader SRS is suitable for sorting peeled potatoes between Ø 20 mm and Ø 100 mm.


The capacity is strongly determined by the grading of the infed product. The specified capacities, therefore, are to be considered as target values and were calculated for potatoes with an average weight of 80 grams.


• slow 1,000 kg/hoverall height
• flexible setting of grading sizes
• precise diameter grading
• easy to clean


• frequency control
• sorting size between Ø 15 mm and Ø 115 mm
• raised frame

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