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Trough conveyor TBT

The Sormac trough conveyor consists of a mobile frame and a conveyor belt having a trough shape over which cut vegetables and/or leafy vegetables are conveyed. The conveyor is often used after a belt slicer.
The special construction of the conveyor allows the product to be unloaded directly into a washer. The conveyor belt is continuously cleaned by a scraper.

Product specification

The trough conveyor is used for cut products and leafy vegetables.


Capacity max 1,200 kg per hour, depending on the product and the density.


afneembare in- en uitvoertrechter TBT-60

Removable in- and outfeed funnel

The in- and outfeed funnel can be removed without any tools in an instant. This makes the trough conveyor extremely easy to clean.

snelspanner TBT-60

Quick release system

The machine is equipped with a quick-release mechanism so the conveyor belt can be released easily and removed for cleaning.

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