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Weighing and crate filling station WVS

The weighing and crate filling station is used to weigh a wide range of (cut) vegetables. A conveyor belt or vibrator deposits the product into a weighing bin. The supply stops once the desired weight has been reached. The weighing bin then opens and deposits the product into the crate. An additional buffer bin can be added to facilitate a continuous product supply.
Optionally, a roller conveyor or modular link belt can be placed underneath the filling station. This can be operated either manually or fully automatically. To achieve very precise measurements, the weighing and crate filling station can be equipped with a dosing vibrator. If used within a processing line with a
continuous product supply, the machine can be equipped with a buffer bin.

Product specification

The WVS weighing and crate filling station can be used for all types of leafy vegetables and cut vegetables.


Maximum capacity of 360 crates per hour, depending on the desired weight per crate.


• very accurate product weighing
• suitable for handy (interim) product storage or
• suitable for installation in a continuous processing setup
• hygienic sheet metal design
• send weighing data to ERP system


• roller conveyor
• dosing vibrator
• buffer tray

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