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Knife peeler UP

The Sormac UP-8000 universal knife peeler is designed for peeling long products such as carrots, radish and cucumbers. The product is placed on the V-conveyor and moved onto the first set of transport rollers. No orientation of the product is needed unless the product is extremely tapered.

The machine is equipped with transport rollers which convey the product horizontally through the machine. The product passes 8 peeling stations which completely peel the product.

The knife stations and the transport rollers are equipped with a quick-release system, which allows easy removal for replacement or cleaning.

The peeling waste drops into bins on the underside of the machine.

Product specification

Longitudinal (root) vegetables of diameters of between 25 and 65 mm. The product should be at least 160 mm. The product should be washed and sorted, and free from stones, and any foliage should be removed.


The capacity of the UP-8000 is approx. 6.000 – 8.500 pieces per hour.


Sormac wortelschiller UP-8000-feature-mes-geschild-eindproduct

Knife-peeled end product

The peeled product still has its natural orange colour and it has a smooth surface that looks like the product was peeled by hand.

Sormac wortelschiller UP-8000-feature-transportrollen

Air-filled transport rollers

The transport rollers are made of food-safe plastic and carefully transport the product through the machine.

Sormac wortelschilmachine UP-8000-feature-V-band


The product is placed on the V-conveyor by hand or by means of a singulator (Sormac PVW). The V-conveyor transports the product to the processing compartment.

Sormac wortelschiller UP-8000-feature-schilstations

Quick-release system

The quick-release systems enable the peeling stations and the transport rollers to be removed for cleaning or maintenance within a matter of seconds.

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