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Onion peeler USM-H100

The onion peeler USM-H100 combines ease of operation with a high level of reliability. The
machine, however, stands out the most due to its advanced hygienic design. All motors,
for example, are only made of stainless steel.

The operator has a control panel with all useful functions within hand-reach. In addition, all important information such as operator efficiency, number of peeled onions and causes of failures are made visible.

The onions are taken from the infeed reception hopper by a separator conveyor and placed on the holders of the conveyor belt.

The operator turns the onions to the correct position. Next, the onions are topped by means of rotating knives and subsequently cut into at the front and rear side. To conclude, the onions are picked up and the peeling process starts. The onion is cut into over the entire circumference and the outside skin is blown off.

The Sormac air-saving technology that has been applied in the USM-H100 ensures low
energy consumption in combination with an increased peeling quality.

Product specification

The USM-H100 peels onions with a diameter between 60 and 120 mm. An adjusted version can be supplied for large diameters (140 mm).


Depending on the diameter, form and quality, the USM-H100 processes 6,000 onions per hour that are directed by one person.


Hygienic design

Easily accessible, totally made of stainless steel and a microbiological clean end product.

Redesign peeling wheel

Easier to clean and hygienic advantages. Minimised number of wear parts.

Digital control panel

The capacity can easily be set digitally. Equiped with onion counter.

Circular knife

The stainless steel cutting discs can easily be replaced outside the machine.

Small footprint

This makes the machine easy to install in existing processing lines.


– Directly mounted inspection table
– Side platform
– Waste transporter
– Pockets for deviating onion diameters

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