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Slice and wedge cutter FS-3600

The Sormac slice and wedge cutter type FS-3600 cuts fruits and vegetables into (half) slices, wedges, or sticks. The machine design is specially developed to meet the requirements of the food processing industry. Special wing doors on the front and back, as well as the swivelling control cabinet, facilitate the cleaning of the interior space. The open design of the machine allows optimal cleaning capability.

Depending on the size, the slice and wedge cutter is able to cut up to two products simultaneously. The products are first put into the holding devices of the rotary table. The rotary table consists of four holding devices which then take the product directly to the respective secured cutting unit.

The rotary table, which is driven by a servo motor, is positioned to the right. The high-quality blades are placed in a blade cassette which features a quick-change system that makes changing or cleaning of the blades easy. The electrically driven cutting unit pushes the product through the blades. This guarantees a perfect cutting result.

Cut products are transported by a conveyor belt which can be set on continuous or a switching mode. Then the product is moved to one side of the machine where it can be collected and packed.

Product specification

The Sormac semi-automatic slice and wedge cutter type FS-3600 cuts fruits and vegetables into (half) slices, wedges and sticks.


The capacity of the semi-automatic slice and wedge cutter type FS-3600 for fruits and vegetables is up to 3,600 pieces per hour.


Sormac FS-3600 verschillende messen

Various cutting variations

High flexibility in cutting different kinds of products and shapes.


Electrical driven cutting unit

Ensures continuous pressure on the product which gives outstanding cuttings results.

Sormac FS-3600 hygienisch ontwerp

Hygienic and accessible design

Large doors enable optimal accessibility for cleaning, maintenance, and changing knives.

dubbele producthouders FS-3600

Double product holders

Depending on the size of the product, two products can be sliced in one cutting movement. This enables a cutting capacity of p to 3,600 pieces per hour.


Sormac messenrek FS-3600/Multicut

Knife rack

For safe and organised storage of the knife units, pushers and funnels.

trechter met afvalscheiding FS-3600

Chute with core separator

Various chutes are provided that separate the cores from the cut product. The waste is guided to a collection crate.

Crate holders

Accessories like crate holders, packing tables and waste bins are available.

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