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Centrifuge SC

This revolutionary new centrifuge design concept delivers the ultimate control for the drying of delicate salad leaves, standard lettuce varieties, prepared vegetables and delicate herbs. The drum has a completely smooth inner surface without a central axle or other contact parts which could directly damage the product. The patented drive with magnetic bearing support delivers an almost silent operational sequence cycle.

The product to be dried is very gently delivered into the drum during its slow revolution sequence. This infeed system ensures the minimal movement of the product as it is layered equally over the whole circumference of the centrifuge drum. On completion of the filling cycle, the drum accelerates to the pre-set optimal rotating speed to suit the specific product to be dried, when the timed spin cycle, which is also variable in conjunction with the rotational speed is completed the drum automatically slows down and the product very gently gravitates to the discharge conveyor.

During this part of the production cycle, the centrifuge drum turns very slowly and activates a high-pressure air knife which cleans all residual particles of leaf out of the drum. The continuous production cycle immediately continues without interruption and the infeed charge conveyor re-fills the drum.

The unique construction of the centrifuge minimizes product damage because of the spacious drum dimension and the controlled layer thickness of the product which eliminates product pressure during the spin cycle.

There are facilities for 20 operational product programmes in the control panel.

  • "I'm extremely impressed with the way the SC-940 handles fragile greens. It is very gentle and there is minimal damage to the product".

  • Mr. Vince Riggio, Riggio Distribution

Product specification

Cut hard leafy vegetables, soft lettuces and various cut vegetables. Depending on specific density, there may be restrictions as regards produce dimensions.


The capacity of the centrifuge type SC is depending on the product type and the desired moisture level after the centrifuge.

Capacities up to 2.000 kg per hour are achievable.


Sormac centrifuge SC-940-feature-ophanging-trommel

Patented drum suspension

The drum hangs freely in belts and is positioned magnetically: Fewer moving and wearing parts and high cycle efficiency (quick filling and unloading).

Sormac centrifuge SC-940-feature-uniek-vulsysteem

Unique patented filling system

Ensures even drum filling with minimum damage to products.

Sormac centrifuge SC-940-feature-hygienisch-ontwerp

Hygienic and accessible design

The machine is quickly and easily accessible for cleaning and inspection.

Sormac centrifuge SC-940-feature-bufferband

Buffer belt setup of the drum

Enables continuous product supply.


• food-grade filter on incoming compressor air
• drain valves to drain liquid from the buffer vessel
• fence hinges around the shuttle

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