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Dewatering conveyor OWB

The dewatering conveyor removes excess water from leaves after the produce has been washed. With leafy vegetables, these conveyors are often used to remove water before produce is dried in a centrifuge or drying tunnel, thereby improving the final result. In some cases, placing several dewatering conveyors in succession is also a good idea.

Dewatering conveyors are installed horizontally or with a slight incline. A mesh conveyor belt transports the produce over air suction station(s) and beater bars. The number of air suction stations and beaters can vary depending on the type of produce and the required result.

With leafy vegetables, the conveyor belt is fitted with an air knife on the out-feed side to blow the product off from the conveyor.

Sormac dewatering conveyors are driven by stainless steel drum motors. The motors that power the beaters are also made from stainless steel.

Each air suction station is equipped with a fan. A collection tray is fitted below the conveyor from which water can be drained to a gutter or other type of water collection system.

Product specification

Dewatering conveyors are usually applied to remove water from leafy vegetables before they are processed. However, excellent results have also been achieved with hard leafed vegetables such as cabbage and suchlike.


Dewatering conveyor can be used in capacities varying from 300 kg to 3.500 kg per hour. The precise capacity greatly depends on the type of product being processed and the required end result. For this reason, dewatering conveyors are always dimensioned according to customer specification.


• does not damage the produce
• easy access for cleaning
• energy efficient
• made entirely from stainless steel
• perfectly suitable as pre-dewatering with Sormac centrifuges and air drying tunnel


• open hingable fan
• drip tray above belt
• spray bar

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