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Dipping tank DT

The dipping tank is used for root crops such as potatoes, carrots, etc., which require a controlled contact time with water (with or without additives).

The product is collected in 8 compartments within the rotating drum which can accept approx. 25 kg of product per compartment. The drum is mounted within a stainless steel water holding tank of approx. 1.400 liters. The product can be continually loaded into the machine and each compartment contra rotates submerging everything below the water surface.

The discharge of the product is on the opposite side of the infeed.

Rotational dwell times are controlled with average parameters between 1-5 minutes.

The dipping tank is completely manufactured in stainless steel and equipped with a drain valve and two manhole openings for cleaning access.

Product specification

The dipping tank processes product with a maximum diameter of 200 mm.


The capacity is dependent on the dwell time and is between 1,000 – 5,000 kg per hour with a dwell time of 5 to 1 minute.


• suitable for floating and non-floating
• dwell times can be simply adjusted by a
speed controller
• very solid construction


Frequentieregelaar voor diptank - Sormac

Frequency control

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