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Process cutter WSS

The Sormac process cutter type WSS is constructed for cutting large quantities of parallel type carrots, e.g. for manufacturing baby carrots.

The carrots are cut to a pre-determined fixed size, mostly 50 mm, and all undersized pieces that are too short for further processing can be removed from the production by an additional vibratory grader or piece remover.

The machine consist of a number of stainless steel elevator trays, which are mounted on two drive belts. The carrots are elevated by these trays which are slotted at 50 mm increments to allow the free passage of rotating knives that cut through the carrots at right angles.

A rotating spiral brush takes care that the carrots are well positioned in the trays and all excessive carrots are removed.

Product specification

The process cutter can accommodate carrots up to a diameter of 30 mm. For a good working the carrot tops have to be removed.


The capacity of the process cutter depends on an equal delivery over the whole width of the machine, with a practical top production rate up to 5.000 kg per hour.


• simple and robust construction
• manufactured of stainless steel, including the trays
• minimal wearing parts

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