7 Years with the first set of brushes!

In 2008 Sormac delivered a brush polisher type BRR  to the firm of Baetsen, member of the Fossa Eugenia Cooperative. Baetsen mainly uses it to process carrots and celeriac that are first washed in a Sormac drum washer. Now, after more than seven years of intensive operation, a total of over 11,200 operating hours, the machine is still using the first set of brushes.

René Baetsen: René Baetsen: “At the time, we had considered all available machines before choosing Sormac. 

We know from colleagues who use different machines that they usually need to replace the brushes within two years. Considering what this costs in spare brushes and hours, the investment we made for the Sormac machine back then was certainly worth it. I am convinced that this machine can easily beat any other brush polisher when it comes to total costs of ownership. And the great thing is that the brushes have recently been checked and it is clear that they will also be celebrating their eighth birthday at Baetsen!”


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