7 Years with the first set of brushes!

In 2008 Sormac delivered a brush polisher type BRR  to the firm of Baetsen, member of the Fossa Eugenia Cooperative. Baetsen mainly uses it to process carrots and celeriac that are first washed in a Sormac drum washer. Now, after more than seven years of intensive operation, a total of over 11,200 operating hours, the machine […]

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Roller inspection table: small details make a big difference!

Roller inspection tables have traditionally been used anywhere and for many products. Still, Sormac proves that such a common machine can still be improved upon. The new generation of inspection tables has various new features, such as:

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The Sormac drying tunnel: rediscovery of a brilliant principle!

For drying lettuce, centrifuging this product is the first thing that comes to mind. This is undoubtedly a good method that can be used for many products, provided the right technique is used. However, there is an increasing market demand for delicate leafy vegetables. Moreover, lower moisture contents are desired to improve the shelf life […]

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