Sormac stand packed full of technological innovations

At the Fruit Logistica 2024 trade fair, the Sormac stand will again be full of advanced technologies. The company will, this year, be presenting its new onion peeler – setting a new standard in product quality, yield optimisation and especially hygiene. As expected, the stand will also showcase a broad range of machines for the processing of potatoes, carrots, onions, leafy vegetables and bell peppers.

Onion Peeler USM-H100
The hygienic design of the USM-H100 type onion peeler is undeniably raising the bar in the standard of onion peeling:

  • The peeling mechanism is fast and easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance. This results in a considerable decrease in cleaning time.
  • The number of wear parts has been significantly reduced.
  • The open construction ensures peeling waste easily falls into the waste auger.
  • You can easily configure the operation of the machine.
  • An innovative pick-up and rotation system for the onion has been developed, which increases reliability during the pick-up moment and guarantees less product loss during the peeling process.

All these benefits contribute to:

  • An optimum peeling result.
  • A microbiological clean product.
  • Operational safety.
  • Low maintenance costs.

Designed in accordance with the Sormac standard

As expected because of Sormac’s reputation, the onion peeler has been constructed in accordance with the latest European (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group; EHEDG) hygiene guidelines. The construction is completely made from stainless steel sheet metal and therefore the parts can be cleaned thoroughly and easily. An ergonomic working position has been taken into account in the design. In short, this machine is built in accordance with the quality standards that you expect from Sormac and every detail in the design has been considered.

FELCON-510 Centrifuge
In June 2023, Sormac B.V. reached agreement with Felcon B.V. about the takeover of the product portfolio that focuses on vegetable processing. This takeover has meant that Sormac has added a vertical, proven centrifuge to its delivery programme. The FE-510 centrifuge is perfectly suitable for drying a wide range of cut hard vegetables such as onion cubes and julienne carrots but also for robust leafy vegetables.

CEA Harvester CH-30
CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) grown products have been gaining popularity for a while now. The processing of these products requires specialist knowledge and skills but also specialised machines. Sormac has developed the CEA Harvester specifically for the harvesting of these crops. The machine harvests leafy vegetables that have been grown on what is commonly referred to as planting gutters such as ‘troughs’ or ‘floaters’. The carefully designed machine minimises both harvest losses and damage to the product.

Knife Peeler UP
The popular knife peeler UP has been given reinforcements. Two smaller versions, the UP-4000 and UP-6000, have been added to the UP range. These machines have the same features and convenience as the larger version but are suitable for smaller capacities: 5,000 and 6,000 items per hour, respectively. All the UP knife peelers can be positioned in line with the Sormac carrot topper and piece cutter WOS-1A and step-flow singulator PVW.

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