Centrifuge MC-44/Vario: effective drying

The basket spinner is a compact machine used to remove excess water from cut vegetables. Using the special start and stop functionality the basket accelerates at a gradual pace, making it ideal for delicate leafy vegetables. For robust products the optimum drying result is achieved by using the built-in reversing function, which reverses the direction of the basket’s rotation halfway through the cycle.

Why is the MC-44/Vario a bestseller?

  • Robust bearings: batch capacity up to 15 kg (50% more than comparable machines).
  • Ergonomic operational height: due to the low insertion of the centrifuge baskets.
  • Work safely: due to the lid’s magnetic lock.
  • Hundreds of different programs: the perfect result for every product.
  • Machine opens automatically: this signals the end of the cycle and prevents unnecessary loss of time.

Sormac mandencentrifugeMC-44-

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