Exceptional warranty on bearings SC centrifuges

Bearings used in the food processing industry must comply with special standards. The bearings should preferably be placed outside the food preparation area and must be easy to clean. Sormac’s series of SC centrifuges easily meets these conditions. But we are taking things a step further…

The drum used in the SC centrifuges hangs freely in belts using a patented three-point suspension and is positioned using magnets. The functioning of this construction is crucial to produce the intended result: a dry and uniform product and a gently revolving machine with a high capacity. A high load is exerted on the bearings in this construction. To limit the maintenance frequency, Sormac has opted to use hermetically sealed bearings. These do not need to be lubricated, so lubricants never come into contact with the processed product.
These maintenance-free bearings have proven their outstanding capabilities over the past 15 years. Our customers commend the SC centrifuges for their high capacity, ease of cleaning and reliability. In fact, we have heard reports from some customers that our SC centrifuges are still operating after 10 years without any replaced bearings!

All good reason for Sormac to extend the warranty on this bearing construction to 10,000 operating hours with a maximum of 5 years after delivery. This exceptional warranty applies to all SC centrifuges supplied since January 2019.

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