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Hydrocooler HC

The hydro-cooler consists of a stainless steel water tank, a cooling tank and a chain conveyor belt with specially perforated carriers.

On the product infeed side, a water buffer with pump is mounted. On the product outfeed side, sprayers are mounted which add cold water. The product and water flows both go through the cooler in opposite directions.

The water from the cooling tank returns into the water tank via a sieve. A separate pump recirculates the water via an external cooling system.
  • “We held negotiations with a variety of potential suppliers, but our choice finally fell on Sormac due to the quality and reliability of the processing machines and the outstanding support they offer customers.”

  • Mr. Jules Becquet, La Ferme à Jules

Product specification

The hydro cooler type HC-7800 is suitable for cooling baby carrots, potatoes and the like. The maximum processable diameter is 25 mm and the maximum dwell time is 15 minutes.


The capacity of the hydro-cooler largely depends on the product diameter, input core temperature, and desired output core temperature. Experience has shown that the capacity is between 500 and 1,500 kg per hour.


• cooling unit with heat exchanger

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