Meet Sormac in the United States!

A growing number of American vegetable processors are discovering Sormac. The machines are in high demand thanks to their durability and the application of innovative technologies. We will be attending Pack Expo in Las Vegas and PMA Fresh Summit in Anaheim, where we can meet our American customers and prospects personally. Sormac offers an efficient solution for every vegetable processor, commercial kitchens and the catering sector. 

You will be able to see the FS-3600/Multicut in action at both trade events. This multifunctional cutting machine can cut fruit and vegetables into wedges, slices and sticks. A huge range of products can be processed using various knife combinations. Continuous pressure on the product provides perfect cutting results. The machine can cut two products in one movement, allowing an output capacity of up to 3,600 pieces per hour.

In addition to the FS-3600/Multicut slice and wedge cutter, our delivery programme also includes the semi-automatic F-2000, with a capacity of up to 1,200 pieces.

We also offer a range of manual cutting machines, the F-1000, F-1000L and F-1000XL. This means we have a suitable solution for almost any size of fruit and vegetables.

The distinctive features of these machines are the intuitive operation and hygienic design.

The vegetable centrifuge MC-44/Vario and belt slicer BSM-150 will also be on display at Pack Expo.  Pack Expo will take place from 23-25 September in the Las Vegas Convention Center. We look forward to greeting you at stand US- 8075.

At PMA Fresh Summit, we will also be exhibiting the SC-940/NextGen. This centrifuge is supremely suitable for drying all kinds of delicate leafy vegetables. The unique features of this centrifuge are a dry and uniform end product, higher capacity, energy saving and a hygienic and accessible design. PMA Fresh Summit will take place on 18 and 19 October, you can find us at stand 2361.


Sormac FS-3600 Expo USA 2019

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