New future-proof production facility

At the beginning of last year construction works on Sormac’s new production facility, located opposite the headquarters in Venlo, began. Last week’s installation of 800 solar panels marked the accomplishment of the final milestone.

The expansion of approximately 3,000 m² facilitates the in-sourcing of Sormac’s entire machine production process from sheet metal processing through to transportation  substantially enhancing the quality of the final product.

An important premise in the development of the new production facility was the creation of the best possible working environment for our employees. As such, the building is flooded with natural light while a heat pump guarantees an optimal and consistent climate, during both summer and winter months.

The recently installed solar panels, which produce around 270,000 kWh of energy, combined with the heat pump mean the new building is climate neutral.

The overall Sormac property is more than self-sufficient in terms of its energy usage, with a total solar energy production of 720,000 kWh. The surplus energy is sold to an energy supplier, allowing others to benefit from this environmentally friendly energy.

With a view to the future, us at Sormac believe it is important to contribute to a sustainable society. We looking forward to collaboratively and continuously pushing the standards of wellbeing for our employees, our clients and the planet alike.

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