New technology in a proven centrifuge

2021 is the year of the SC-740/NextGen launch. This machine makes the technology of its big brother, the SC-940/NextGen, available for lower capacities. The result is an extremely stable centrifuge that dries delicate leafy vegetables in a short cycle time.

A strong core
The predecessor of the NextGen earned a reputation of being the best centrifuge for sensitive products in recent decades. The inclined position of the drum means it’s no longer necessary to tilt or unload the product via complex constructions in the base of the drum. The patented ­filling system ensures an evenly distributed filling, which minimises the load on the product and thus its damage. The centrifuge can be integrated into a continuous processing line easily and is characterised by a robust and strong drive. With over 200 units sold, the machine has clearly proven its strength.

A new design
The NextGen distinguishes itself by its new motor type. “These motors allow the machine to operate at a higher rotational frequency, resulting in an even drier product. In addition, this means that the drum speeds up and slows down faster, which translates into a shorter and more efficient cycle and thus higher capacities, ”says commercial director Roy Lemmen. By braking the drum regeneratively, the motors also make it possible to recover energy.

This leads to energy savings of 15-25%. Finally, the NextGen has an accessible design that makes it easy to clean.

Controlled imbalance
The patented DRS system ensures imbalance recognition and a lightningfast adjustment of the centrifuge’s natural frequency. This effectively limits large defections of the drum. A unique accomplishment of Sormac’s R&D department. This centrifuge, therefore, doesn’t require heavy anchoring to the floor!

Unchanged guarantee on quality
Much has been improved, but the unique guarantee on the bearings of the NextGen centrifuge remains unchanged. Despite the heavy loads this machine experiences due to the high speeds and the constant acceleration and braking, Sormac offers its customers a no-nonsense warranty of no less than 10,000 operating hours on the bearings. And we can only offer that because we know from experience that we aren’t at risk!

Unique guarantee - SC-740NextGen (EN)

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