Sormac commits to product quality with its own laboratory

Creating added value for our customers, that is what Sormac is about. Sormac is the first manufacturer of vegetable-processing machines to have its own laboratory. The work of our food technologist here includes addressing customers’ issues, with the aim of further optimisation of their end product.

Customers may turn to Sormac with all their microbiological or physiological questions. Together with the customer, Sormac will then look for the cause and the possible solutions for these issues. With this knowledge, combined with the Sormac machines, we seek to enable our customers to always deliver the best product to their customers.

In addition, various laboratory studies are performed that contribute to the further development of machines and respond to changes in the market. The acquired knowledge is used to further improve the machines. In short: Sormac wants to be more than just a supplier. We collaborate closely with our customers and are committed to take the expertise in the industry to a higher level.

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