Sormac thinks sustainably

Looking at our future, but especially at the future of new generations, we believe it’s important to contribute to building a sustainable society.

For us, generating sustainable energy is a given. The construction of the new production hall, for example, included the installation of 800 solar panels and a heat pump. Combined, these ensure an optimal and consistent working climate and make the building entirely climate-neutral.

The new solar panels yield approximately 270,000 kWh per year. In combination with the solar panels on the main building, this generates a total of 720,000 kWh in energy per year, which makes us more than self-sufficient. The surplus that is generated is sold to the energy supplier. As a result, others also benefit from our climate-neutral electricity.

Highest energy label
For the new building, this has helped us accomplish the highest energy label: A +++++. The offices of the main building, some of which are over 50 years old, received the energy label A +++. A fraction less, but still very good. From January 1 2023, offices are required to have an energy label of at least C. And from 2030, an A-label will be required. The Sormac buildings are, thus, more than future-proof!

Water infiltration system
For sustainable rainwater management, infiltrating rainwater into the ground is the best method. All the rainwater from our roofs (approximately 11,000 m²) is collected in a large basin located underneath the parking lot. From there, the water sinks into the ground. Like this we help maintain the groundwater level and relieve the sewer. An additional advantage is that in times of heavy rainfall, less water flows to the overfilled rivers.

ISO 14001
Both the new construction and the renovation of the existing building bring us closer to a sustainable society, but they’re merely a step in the right direction. In order to structurally contribute to a cleaner world and a better climate, Sormac is working on ISO 14001 certification: the international standard for environmental management systems. With a view to the future, we continue to think about new and sustainable solutions.

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