Leafy vegetable desander – Effective desanding

Lamb’s lettuce is rapidly gaining popularity in Europe. Harvesting it often involves a large amount of sand, which clogs processing equipment and impacts overall product quality. Sormac has thé solution to remove sand before it enters the product flow. Following several pilot tests, the new leafy vegetable desander was launched last year.

The leafy vegetable desander is integrated at the beginning of a processing line. The product is deposited into the water reservoir by a conveyor belt. The built-in air-injection system submerges the product, whilst the turbulence gently loosens the sand from the leaves. The sand sinks into the cone-shaped floor. Here it is either discharged or, in the case of large quantities, transported to a collection container by a screw. The desander is followed by the regular washing process, in which residual contaminants are removed and the microbiological load is reduced

Our motto, once again, applies to this machine: small details, big difference.

View the leafy vegetable desander including all specifications.

Bladgroentenontzander BO - Sormac

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